Porting to 1.19

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Here is a step by step description on how the tutorial mod was ported. As a reference you can find the 1.19 source of the tutorial here.


Do the following changes to build.gradle.


First visit The Forge Download Site to see what the latest version of Forge is. Then change the minecraft dependency to that version. For example:

minecraft 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.19-41.0.38'


Also you want to set the correct mappings. Check The Parchment Wiki to find the latest version. As of this moment there are no parchment mappings for 1.19 so we use official mappings instead:

mappings channel: 'official', version: "1.19"


We also want to get JEI. Consult The JEI wiki for more information. As of this writing we use this:

// compile against the JEI API but do not include it at runtime
compileOnly fg.deobf("mezz.jei:jei-1.19-common-api:${jei_version}")
compileOnly fg.deobf("mezz.jei:jei-1.19-forge-api:${jei_version}")
// at runtime, use the full JEI jar for Forge
runtimeOnly fg.deobf("mezz.jei:jei-1.19-forge:${jei_version}")

In gradle.properties we then set this: jei_version=


Finally we want to include The One Probe. Check here to find what the latest version is The TOP Maven.

implementation fg.deobf(project.dependencies.create("mcjty.theoneprobe:theoneprobe:${top_version}") {
    transitive = false

And again in gradle.properties we put this: top_version=1.19-6.0.2-3