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Everything you need to know about 1.18 modding with Forge.


Useful links


Various bits of information to help with porting

  • Making a custom rendertype with custom shader: [1]
  • How to add entity renderers and layer renderers: [2]
  • Updating a mod from 1.16.5 to 1.17 (start with this): [3]
  • A migration tool for IntelliJ to move from 1.17 to 1.18: [4]
  • List of renames and refactors in 1.18 forge: [5]

(most of these are from gigaherz)

Some notes about BlockEntity saving: 1.18 doesn't really use save() in the same way older versions used to. If you continue overriding save, it will not work. Instead, you should override saveAdditional. If you are storing BlockEntities somewhere, don't call save. Call saveWithFullMetadata(), saveWithId() or saveWithoutMetadata(), depending on your needs.

Porting step summary

Porting steps (from 1.17):

  • Clone 1.17 version of your project (or copy it using file system)
  • Change Project JDK to Java 17
  • build.gradle: Change mappings to either parchment or official
  • build.gradle: Change forge dependency to latest versio
  • build.gradle: change java target to 17
  • build.gradle and set JEI and TOP dependencies
  • Update to latest gradle wrapper from MDK
  • Refresh gradle
  • genIntellijRuns
  • Switch to gradle settings: IntelliJ
  • Do the FML Legacy migration: [6]
  • Many other fixes (also check [7])
   * IForgeContainerType -> IForgeMenuType
   * Forge Constaints class -> Block
   * ClientboundBlockEntityDataPacket constructor private: use create
   * RenderWorldLastEvent -> RenderLevelLastEvent
   * Capabilities have changed: The @CapabilityInject annotation is gone. Use CapabilityManager.get(...) and the RegisterCapabilitiesEvent to register it
   * getMatrixStack() -> getPoseStack()
   * ChunkGenerator/BiomeSource changes
   * Override BlockEntity.saveAdditional() instead of save()!
   * Use RenderTooltipEvent.GatherComponents instead of RenderTooltipEvent.Pre
   * Don't override! Instead override saveAdditional()

The Porting Tutorial

Check the two part 1.16 to 1.17 porting tutorial first:

This video follows the steps described above: Porting from 1.17 to 1.18

1.18 Step By Step

These videos will now have a table of contents for easier navigation. The github for the source code from this tutorial can be found here: TutorialV3 Github

Episode 1: Basic Project Setup, first mod, first blocks, datageneration

Episode 2: Items, smelting, powergenerator, capabilities, gui

Episode 3: Baked models, Block Entity Renderer

Episode 4: Parchment, Entity

Episode 5: Ore generation, Structures, AT's, Custom Dimension

  • Todo
  • Todo

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