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Everything you need to know about 1.19 modding with Forge.


Useful links


18px-OOjs_UI_icon_notice-destructive.svg.png Warning: The tutorial for 1.19 is not ready yet! On the GitHub you can currently find the work in progress port to 1.19. Most of the things are working


Various bits of information to help with porting

  • new TranslatableComponent() -> Component.translatable()
  • new TextComponent() -> Component.literal()
  • player.sendMessage() -> player.sendSystemMessage()
  • ForgeRegistries.STRUCTURE_FEATURES -> Lots of changes! More info later
  • ChunkGenerator
  • BiomeLoadingEvent missing -> More info later on how to change this
  • Block Properties: noDrops() -> noLootTable()
  • XXX.getRegistryName() -> ForgeRegistries.<type of XXX>.getKey(XXX)
  • DataGeneration -> extra boolean with addProvider. Give generator.includeClient() for client side and generator.includeServer() for server side
  • SlotItemHandler -> temporary initialize() override until fixed in Forge
  • Add monster_spawn_block_light_limit and monster_spawn_light_level to dimension type
  • 'configured_structure_feature' -> 'structure'. Some changes to json. More info later