Interaction Wheel

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Interaction Wheel

This mod adds an interactive Interaction Wheel that you can access by pressing 'x' (default key). It supports various actions that you can easily access directly from that wheel. Some examples are:

  • Search the item in your hand in nearby inventories
  • Rotate block
  • Dump all items in inventory (with or without hotbar)
  • Fetch all items from inventory
  • Dump all similar items to inventory
  • Switch to the appropriate tool to harvest the block you're looking at
  • Pick up a block from rftools or similar
  • Resize an RFTools screen
  • And much more

It is possible to reconfigure the wheel in game (press the little wheel icon in the center). You can:

  • Assign hotkeys to actions. These hotkeys don't interphere with other hotkeys as they are only active while the wheel is open
  • Hide actions you never use